Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a little fairy named Tinkertailor. She was a curious and creative little creature who loved nothing more than going on adventures and dreaming up new ideas.

One day, Tinkertailor was out exploring the woods when she stumbled upon a dark and scary cave. Being the brave little fairy she was, she decided to investigate. As she tiptoed deeper into the cave, she suddenly heard a loud growl.

It was Hook, the wicked witch who had terrorized the land for years. Tinkertailor knew she was in trouble and tried to fly away, but Hook was too quick for her. With a flick of her wand, Hook sent Tinkertailor tumbling to the ground.

But just as Tinkertailor thought all was lost, she felt a warm and furry paw on her back. It was her best friend, Tiger, the brave and loyal tiger who had always protected her from harm.

Together, Tinkertailor and Tiger fought off Hook and her evil spells, using their wit and courage to outsmart her at every turn. Even when they suffered setbacks and hardships, they never lost their optimism or determination to succeed.

In the end, Tinkertailor and Tiger emerged victorious, driving Hook out of the land and restoring peace and harmony to the kingdom. And Tinkertailor, true to her curious and creative nature, continued to go on adventures and dream up new ideas, living happily ever after with her dear friend by her side.

Hera Kim

 Tinker, Creative Director



 Managing Director






 Advisor, Florist meister


Hyein Kim



Dasom Han

 Marketing Manager


Dariia Maximova

 Interior Designer



 AI prompt engineer

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